Math and Science in First Grade!!!

Math and Science in First Grade!!!

APV Kids Rock!

First Graders have been learning about forces and magnets.

Students loved pushing and pulling objects, and identify the amount of force they need to apply to get them in motion!

They learned about magnets as well. We had a science lab to determine the objects that are attracted by a magnet and how magnets repel each other. They even made “magic” by moving iron objects on a table without touching them…. Very exciting! Want to know the trick? Just ask them!

On math we are studying related facts (common known as fact family), how a numbers relate to each other and work together to add and subtract, like a real “family”.

By getting to understand number relationships, students expand their knowledge and learn to think critically.

Now we are getting ready to start with our Science Projects and Math Activities for the APV Math and Science Night… See you all in January 19!!