Math in Fourth Grade

Math in Fourth Grade
     Mathematics is very important at the 4th grade level.  Students are expected to build a good foundation so they can move on to the next grade level.  They are learning more complex operations with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  What do we expect our children to learn so they can be successful?  It is important that they are learning the right steps.  It is essential that they get the appropriate materials, and it is extremely important for them to think critically in problem solving.
     Research shows that children who are motivated to learn, have greater chances succeeding academically.  When students are given the opportunities to build confidence and to reduce test anxiety, they are more likely to perform at exceptional levels on standardized assessments.   There are hands-on activities connect to the real world. 
     During the first semester, students have learned how to read and write numbers, compare and order numbers and round numbers.  They have learned how to relate decimals and fractions and I enjoy seeing students enjoying academic games in class.   During this month and this week, students are learning how to solve multi-step words problems using strip diagrams and equations with a letter representing an unknown quantity.  We have been incorporating games into the lessons to make them more enjoyable. 
Mrs. Nguyen
4th Grade Math and Science