Pre-K Science

Pre-K Science
     Can you guess what subject is the favorite in my classroom? If you guessed science, you are correct! My students can’t get enough of science! My little ones love learning about animals, plants, rocks, weather, the ocean, and so much more. These topics are interesting to them and fun to learn all about. 
     Now, besides simply learning facts, students begin to practice many skills such as but not limited to observing and investigating, predicting and estimating, and describing and discussing results. These are skills that they will come to use often after pre-k, so it’s very important to me that they get proper and sufficient exposure and practice to them. 
     Why else do we love science? There’s so much more that our little ones get out of it including math concepts (counting, sorting, data collection, etc.) and language arts (vocabulary, oral language development, reading, etc.) 
Nothing beats well integrated instruction! 
My students and I are looking forward to a great year of rich learning, and science will be a strong driving force behind it. 
Ms. G. Hernandez 
Pre-K 4 Math and Science