Growing Minds

I grew up in a small farm town where opportunities and jobs were scarce so education was my ticket out. Regarding education, my grandmother would tell me “There are many things in life you cannot control but two things you can control is to be on time and pay attention.” Unfortunately, for our students and us, paying attention is not always as easy as it sounds. The school day is long to a young person, and while they are resilient, they do get tired mentally as well as physically and need a break. After school tutorials is an opportunity available for students who have stronger academic stamina to reinforce concepts learned during the school day. While some students benefit from an extra hour at the end of the day, many students need to reset and come back refreshed in the morning completely. Saturday Tutorials are the best fit for those students who need to recharge their energy overnight, and I have found great results with my students who attend Saturday tutorials. While we do our best in the classroom daily, having 20+ students at a time makes it impossible to give one on one every day, so students are encouraged to take what they have learned in whole group instruction and apply that to their homework for practice. Checking homework in the morning is an excellent way for students to check their understanding and give the teacher a picture of who needs that one on one or small group. All this practice and information is what we use to create the best learning environment and instruction during our tutorial sessions. As adults, we too have a limit to concentration and must “power through” to the end of the day or the end of the task, and we do not have extra opportunities to master new concepts but we can and must provide these opportunities for our student’s growing minds because they are our future.


6th Grade Math Teacher