Choir/Music Blog

We are currently fighting against an invisible enemy, the coronavirus. This virus threatens the whole world and forces us to stay home to prevent massive spread. It is the first time that students ordered by the government to lock themselves at home without being able to do anything about it, but this does not mean that COVID-19 will keep us from learning and gaining as much knowledge as possible. On the contrary, there are many options we can do to keep ourselves distracted and maintain active minds.

You may wonder what we can do in the artistic field. At the moment, there are many museums that have opened virtual channels and allow us to make visits. In the link below, you can find a website that recommends 12 museums worldwide offering virtual tours. You just have to click and walk through these enchanting cultural corridors, where you will find the most recognized works worldwide.

It is not just with museums. Major music companies are offering free concerts on the web. How about a night at the Metropolitan Opera, surrounded by the best singers in the world. Or, all the concerts that were destined to take place can now be found on the web. In the following links, you can see all the musical activities of different genres you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

As for the little ones at home, we can also find musical activities on YouTube, where they can continue developing their musical talents on mastering rhythm, melody, and intonation through fun games.

It is in our hands to be able to manage these conditions on the positive side and take advantage of all this free time that we have. It is the moment to be able to enrich our minds and decide how to manage our time as optimally as possible.

Mrs. Colmenares - Music Teacher