Our Way to Virtually Teaching and Learning

When telling my Kindergartners that we will be out of school for two weeks, extended to two months and now to not knowing if we will go back for the rest of the school year has been an intriguing experience and process. These are my students I’ve spent all my weekdays with, laughing, crying, giving high fives and big hugs. We have had some memorable moments till this point and now we will have to start to learn a new way of teaching and learning “virtually”.

First, it started with checking in with students and parents on Class Dojo. Making sure they were healthy and safe. Secondly, we started meeting virtually on Webex to interact and rebuild our connection and interaction. In our first meeting, majority of the students would log on just to talk, show us their favorite toy, pet and saying we miss each other, as well as waving to their friends. Now that most of the students and parents are used to using Class Dojo, submitting picture work, uploading videos and connecting to Webex the learning starts.

We are on week 4 of learning and teaching virtually. It has been a learning journey for all of us but I say it has been successful. I’ve been sending math and science videos in Spanish and English so parents and students can understand as well as detailed instructions. Work has stayed at students challenging level but explained so parents can understand as well. This new way or learning has brought our teaching community closer than ever, we are working as a team to keep our students learning, engaged and on level. The focus in math has been place value, working with hundreds, tens and one units to build and identify number.