Let The Dice Decide, A Game for Grades 3rd to 8th

Let The Dice Decide, A Game for Grades 3rd to 8th

Here’s a fun activity on ‘Word Meanings’ with a tweak to Frayer’s Model that is applicable to grades 3-8


Process & Material:

Students can play in groups.

Students may use the dictionary.

Students read a selection given by the teacher.

Students select the words they are not familiar with.

Teacher writes out those words on board.

Each student gets a word to write on the flash card.

Teacher collects all flashcards.

When it is the player’s turn, he/she will pull out a flash card.

Student may use the blank paper and/or scissors according to the throw of the dice.

The player rolls the dice.

If he/she gets a roll of:

One, he/she must write out the synonym of the word on the flashcard.

Two, he/she must write out the antonym.

Three, he/she must draw or create a craftwork figure representing the meaning of the word.

Four, he/she writes out the definition.

Five, he/she writes out a sentence with the word.

Six, he/she has a choice from any of the above.


Card vector created by katemangostar - www.freepik.com


Ms. Chowdry, 6th and 8th