Daily Five

Daily Five

In first grade the students enjoy working in Learning Stations!  We use the literacy structure called Daily Five.  It is an integration of instruction and classroom management system.  It has five components: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing.

One of the stations is “Read to Self”.  The students comfortably engage into the reading process by choosing their favorite books. This motivates students to finish and understand the story.

Another reading station is “Read to Someone”.  In this station students read to a partner.  They listen to each other read.  Then they discuss what they read.  These discussions help them to understand different ways of thinking, share their ideas, and develop their communication skills.

The “Listen to Reading” is very close to a read aloud.  Students use their ipads and answer questions about the reading. They check for understanding of what they are reading.

The “Word Work Station” helps students to practice their spelling words.  They sort the weekly spelling words in alphabetical order.  Then they draw a picture and write a sentence for each word.

Finally, the “Work on Writing” station gives students an opportunity to write about a story.  They are expected to follow the process of writing: Pre-writing, writing draft, revising, editing, writing final draft, and publishing.

Amigos Por Vida first graders have fun while learning!

Ms. Rodriguez, 1st Grade