PK3 Learning

PK3 Learning

Welcome to our PK3 class, where we learn new things every day. Since it is the first year we are in school, learning is super fun!

Maybe our parents wonder what we have learned over these past weeks. Is everyone ready? The list is long! In Pk-3 we have no time to lose. Our teacher always tells us "attentive ears, this is important”. We have learned to take turns and share our ideas and feelings with our classmates. We know and follow the classroom rules to keep learning more throughout our day.

In the past weeks, we have learned to recognize the first letter of our own names, as well as that of our classmates’ names. Did you know it is essential to recognize the letters and their sounds in order to read? For kids like us, it is important to recognize the letters in and out of order. It helps us figure out how letters can be combined to form words, sentences, and paragraphs.

We are also learning to write our names, this is very meaningful because our names are part of us. Sometimes, we can recognize our names when our teacher writes them on the board.

Our teacher gives us opportunities to participate in school activities such as the “Book Character Parade”.  Our book character parade title was "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", and we dressed like the characters in the story. Our Amigos Por Vida community has created a safe environment for us to learn to read and find joy doing it.


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