Digital world or no digital world, communication is the mainstay of any civilization.  Without proper communication, we would head towards chaotic misunderstanding. 

Learning communication skill orally is very different from the written skill.  Writing skills have to be taught formally as an individual progresses from one grade level to another and finally in to the world. Good writing skills allow us to communicate our message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations.   

The important ingredients of a well-written essay are – 


      Controlling Idea/Main Idea 

      Development with supporting details 

      Coherence and smooth flow with appropriate transition words 

      Mechanics & Spellings   

      Individual and appropriate Voice that grabs the readers’ attention. 

A fun measure to realize if our students have understood the importance of the above ingredients is an activity for grades 4-8. 

  • Let students work in pairs. 
  • Let each pair make a choice and type out an essay/story from the topics/prompts given by the teacher.
  • Every writing sample must have at least five paragraphs. 
  • When ready, you can make three copies of each essay/story. 
  • Cut out each paragraph from all copies. 

If five samples are ready, you will have about 25 paragraphs x 3 = 75 paragraphs in all. 

Stick each paragraph on sturdy pieces of construction paper to make them last longer.

 Shuffle the paragraph cards and randomly lay them out on a table or on the floor. 

Let the pairs take turn and reproduce two stories correctly. 


Mrs. S. Chowdry 

(ELA & READING Grades: 6-8)