Reading Strategies for First Graders

Reading Strategies for First Graders

First grade has been working very hard on reading strategies.  This is an essential part of the curriculum in order to develop comprehension.  Also, it helps students to focus and improve their learning.  The following are a few reading strategies that we have been working on:

1. Circle the title and write about it.

2. Circle the pictures and explain what you see.

3. Identify and number the paragraphs.  

4. Look for underlined, bold, or italic words; and put a box around them.  Those are very important words.

5. Read each question and underline the key words.

6. Read the paragraphs and write a short summary for each one.

7. Read the questions twice before answering them.

8. Go back to the text to find the answer or evidence.

9. Circle the correct answer and write the paragraph number where you found the answer.

10. If you follow all the strategies, you get 100.

These are some examples of assessment instructions.  

Ms. Rodriguez

1st grade teacher