Unpredictable Times

Unpredictable Times

During these times of fright and uncertainty, it is important to make sure that students understand what is going on and ease their anxiety. While we are far from our routines and norm, meaningful activities can uplift students’ spirits. In 5th grade, we decided to take a comic view approach to explain our feelings about school shutdowns, new safety measures, and overall this novel coronavirus. We began by watching a news report from our favorite student news site CNN10. The video we watched depicted many scenarios from supporting essential workers to the impact that this virus has caused to our economy.

After watching the video, we held a virtual class discussion about how the coronavirus has personally impacted us. Students were vocal about their feelings, struggles, and doubts. Many students expressed their concerns about the virus and their desire to come back to school. Just as we have students who explicitly share their thoughts and feelings; we also have students who keep their feelings inside. Therefore, in order to help the students better express themselves, we decided to write our thoughts and feelings down on a comic strip. We created our comic strips in makebeliefscomix.com to communicate our world perspective through the use of words and art.

We would like to remind everyone to grab a journal and write down their thoughts and feelings. This is a great way to find ease during these unpredictable times.

Ms. Valeska Sanchez

5th Grade Teacher